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New Concept for Kitchen Design

Whether you are the proud owner of a large home or a small apartment, everyone enjoys a stylish kitchen. The kitchen, which serves as the heart of the home, is the ideal place to host family and friends, prepare your favourite meals, and perhaps even set up a temporary workspace.

Before you even start your makeover ideas, it is worthwhile to think about the top kitchen trends for 2022. To find out the cabinet colours, countertop options, tile ideas, and top design trends that homeowners are crazy about this year, we consulted with 15 interior design experts. Create the kitchen of your dreams by drawing inspiration from their expertise.

1. Open kitchen concept aren't going anywhere

That’s no surprise that open-concept kitchens are popular because they’re fantastic for entertaining and multitasking. You can enjoy good food with good TV shows. You can work from your dining table. You can even use your dining table to play board games.

“Separating the kitchens as a distinct area is an outdated concept that I don’t think is coming back anytime soon.”

2. Using aluminium kitchen cabinet

Wooden or fiberboard cabinets may be your first choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Aluminium cabinets, on the other hand, are the big trend. And when we say “aluminium cabinet,” we don’t just mean the door; we mean the entire cabinet. YES!! EVERYTHING IN THE CABINET.

You might be wondering what makes an aluminium kitchen cabinet so distinctive.

So, keep reading to find out what all the fuss is about!!

1. Extremely durable – If you are looking for a lifetime cabinet, aluminium is a must for you to consider. As it is termites resistant, fire resistant and water resistant.

2. Chemical resistant – The thin layer of aluminium oxide that grows naturally around the metal protects it against weak chemicals as well. Aluminium is unaffected by vinegar, tomato juices, and other mildly acidic meals. Powerful acids or bases, on the other hand, render this protective layer nearly worthless, therefore strong cleaners should be avoided.

3. It doesn’t absorb moisture or spilled liquids – Aluminium cabinets, unlike wood, can not absorb moisture and are thus impenetrable to this inconvenient force of nature. Wood has a horrible tendency to distort and bend out of shape if the protective layers start to wear off or if the treatment is done incorrectly.

4. Rust resistant – Aluminium is a light metal with a high strength-to-weight ratio. If you think of metal, you probably think of something that rusts readily. The intriguing element is that aluminium does not rust.

Yes, aluminium is a long-lasting metal. Aluminium oxide is coated on its surface to protect it from water and the humid Malaysian climate. As a result, it will not corrode or rust, making it ideal for use in wet and water-prone areas such as the kitchen.

5. Easy customization – You’re probably thinking that metallic aluminium cabinets would make your kitchen look drab and uninteresting.

But wait, there’s a catch!!

Classy Pro’s aluminium kitchen cabinet is very customizable. We provide high-quality kitchen cabinets in a variety of colors and designs. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to complement your décor.

We hope that our information may persuade you to reconsider your decision. Take a peek at our selection of aluminium kitchen cabinets and doors.

6. Environmentally friendly – If you care about the environment, an aluminium cabinet should be your first choice. Aluminium is often referred to as a “green” metal because it is 100% recyclable and produces no waste. Furthermore, unlike wood, it is not made by felling trees.

As a result, for environmentalists, an aluminium kitchen cabinet is a completely sustainable alternative.

3. Kitchen island in the center stage

Kitchen islands are frequently used as a multipurpose hub, and their popularity is set to grow in 2022.

Andra DelMonico, Trendey’s principal interior designer, feels that this trend will continue because islands provide additional workplace.

“Double islands are the most popular,” DelMonico remarked. “However, not everyone has the required room. You can participate in this trend with a single island if you don’t have the space for twin islands.”

4. Minimalist design

The market is projected to be flooded with modern, minimalist kitchen trends in 2022. The new minimalist Dutch kitchen in Dubai collections offer basic lines, fuss-free accents, and shining finishes throughout their kitchen cabinets as a reprieve from our hurried existence.

5. Shades of green

Though adding bursts of colour to kitchens isn’t new, more green will be included into the design.

“Given that the colours of the year from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are both muted, dusty greens, I think we’ll see a lot of softer, more nuanced greens,” said Libby Rawes, principal designer at Sharp and Grey Interiors. “Hardwood floors and butcher-block counters complement green beautifully.”

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