A good life starts in the kitchen

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About Us

CLASSY PRO was founded over ten years. We specialize in All-Aluminum Smart Kitchen Cabinet and provide one-stop service from Design, Produce to Sales. Starting from their concept of “taste of life”, We spread our product over the country. By having an important role of bringing quality products and services to our customers, we aimed to create a healthy, durable, and affordable brand to provide one-stop kitchen cabinet solutions.

What We Do

One-stop Customization of All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinet.



We know that this process is time-consuming. Therefore, we provide an online platform for our customers to design and customize their desire products online to create an easier and interesting shopping experience.



From the import of materials to the customization of products, we decide to do it all by ourselves from A to Z. This is to provide a better quality of services and to compete with the market.



Through our “Partnership Program”, we integrated the resources to bring excellence products and high service value to our customers. Besides, we help our agents to create huge profit margins.

Meet Our Team


Team Leader - Johor Bahru


Team Leader - Selangor


Team Leader - Penang

Join Us

Franchise operation builds a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the franchisees. Within the relationship, business skills and solutions are provided by CLASSY while the franchisees join along with their resources (fundings, manpower, influence). As results, this will lead to a win-win situation.


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