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8 Simple Steps to join us without hustle

1) Top-Notch Brand

We create a one-stop service platform and ensure the best service is provided to our customers. Based on our annual advertising plan, we advertise via different social media platforms to grow influence for our brand and improve sales performance of our franchise stores.

2) Comprehensive Company Structure

Based on the standard enterprise system nowadays, we build a complete organisational structure which is including human resources, R&D, financial, purchasing, and local sales systems to possess a high ability to control the market.

3) Advance Technologies & Skills

Rely on the technical support from CLASSY, we owned number of core technologies of aluminium products manufacturing. We gathered talents from different related fields in terms of branding, design, engineering, and senior technicians to provide powerful technical support during the R&D process of our products.

4) Customer Centric

Create a customer-orientated management system to provide rapid solutions based on customers’ needs. Our service prioritizes customers’ satisfaction from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale.

5) Support Provided

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